Bamboo fence system "Brasil" single element freestanding

The free-standing single element can be individually designed in height and width and placed according to your use as a single element where you need it.

With this screen you give your garden a special touch.

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295,00 €

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price incl. tax

295,00 €

per unit

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247,90 €

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363,80 €

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Data sheet

The bamboo fencing system element is solid plank for outdoor use. Made from compressed and thermally treated bamboo strips at around 200 ° C. The X-treme bamboo boards offer the highest durability class possible in the respective EU standards.

The fence and screens are provided with tongue and groove. These elements are mounted in posts with U-profiles and together form a screen element. As with the tropical woods, the coloring of the planks changes, they get the typical weather-related shade of gray and get a very natural look. Regular cleaning and care with appropriate oils protects the planks against the natural discoloration.

Dimensions (H x W): 182.5 cm x 195 cm (distance pole center to pole center 200 cm)

Easy construction
Natural and elegant appearance
Durable and easy care
Very good weather resistance
Individually adjustable in height and width for your garden
Complete fence system with all necessary accessories

 This set consists of:

2 x posts aluminum anthracite 7x7 cm, length: for screwing on> 195 cm, for setting in concrete> 225 cm

2 x post end cap

1 x fixing set

9 x bamboo system profile boards with tongue and groove (pre-oiled) Dimensions: 1950x195x20 mm

1 x initial profile 1950x30x20 mm aluminum anthracite

1 x end profile aluminum anthracite 1950x40x20 mm

2 x post shoes anthracite, made of galvanized steel.


In the ordering process, select whether the post should be embedded in concrete or be screwed onto an existing substrate. This is necessary so that we can send you the appropriate post to your set

Data sheet
Brinell hardness9.5 kg/mm² EN-1534
Gross density BambooDichte: +/- 1150 kg/m³
Fire resistanceKlasse B-s1-d0 (EN 13501-1)
Index BrandverhaltenKlasse A (ASTM E84)
Thermischer Emissionsgrad0,81 (ASTM C1371)
Reflexionsgrad2 (ASTM C1549)
Index ReflexionsvermögenNiedrig 27, Mittel 30, Hoch 33 (ASTM E1980)
Durability & strengthKlasse 1 (EN 350 / CEN/TS 15083-2), Simulierung des Freilandtests Klasse 1 (EN 350 / CEN/TS 15083-1)
Use ClassKlasse 4 (EN 335)
Surfaces fungal resistanceClass 0 gemäß EN152
Modulus of Elasticity13565 N/mm² (Mittelwert - EN 408)
Bruchfestigkeit:Bruchfestigkeit: 54,4 N/mm² (Kennwert - EN 408)
CO 2 neutral:LCA Bericht TU Delft (ISO 14040/44
Dimensionsstabilität:Länge: + 0,1 %; Breite + 0,9% (24 Stunden in Wasser 20°C