Bamboo rustic floorboard "Shanghai"

The bamboo rustic floorboard "Shanghai" consists of three-layer bamboo layers, the middle layer is glued crosswise to ensure these special processing optimum stability because a cordoned glue holds better. The bamboo planks are completely provided with tongue and groove and are ideally suited for floating installation

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Data sheet

installation summary (full version available on

  • Check room climate conditions (room temp. 18-20°C, air humidity 50-65%).
  • Check subfloor: this should be flat/clean/stable and should not exceed the maximum allowed moisture content (for example 1.8% for sand cement).
  • The floor should be fully glued (for glue details see full version of installation instruction) and can also be installed floating (max width 6m, max length 12m, using expansion gaps).
  • Elastic adhesive systems like 1-component Polyurethane or silan type of adhesives only can be used, when:
  • Shear strength Ts > 1.4 N/mm² (3 days balanced at 23 degrees Celsius/50% Air Humidity)
  • Shear elongation y >=0.5 (3 days balanced at 23 degrees Celsius/50% Air Humidity) Please ask your glue supplier for more information.
  • This floor type can be installed – under certain conditions – on warm water floor heating. See “Crownbamboo flooring and floor heating“.
  • After installation: make sure proper cleaning and maintenance is done, fitting to the chosen finish.

 CAD drawing solid-bamboo-floorboard with tongue and groove  pictogram for solid bamboo flooring

      Optic - horizontal                              Optic - vertical

Data sheet
Brinell hardnessca 4.0 N / mm2
Shrink and swelling0,14% per 1% change in moisture content
Moisture content10% at 20 C and 65% rel. Humidity; 8% at 20 C and 50% rel. humidity
Gross density Bamboo700 kg /m3 for bamboo
Fire resistanceEN 13501-1-2002 Building material class B1 to DIN 4102 (UK: Standard BS 476 Part 7)
thermal conductivityλ gleich 0.17 W m K
Thermal resistanceR gleich 0.08 m2 - K/W
Emission Formaldehyde0.01 mg/m3 (E1 Norm: max. 0.124 mg/m3)

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 on 2014-10-24Die Landhausdielen sind Super, sehr zu empfehlen Crownbamboo bietet einen zuverlässigen Service Danke und schöne Grüsse aus Berlin
 on 2015-02-01Die Landhaus Diele ist das beste was ich bis dorthin gesehen hatte, wenngleich der Preis nicht gerade günstig war so überlegen wir uns auch noch den ersten Stock unserer Whg. damit aus zu legen, vielen Dank
 on 2015-09-10Gute Verarbeitung, pass-genau mit schneller Lieferung
 on 2016-05-24die dielen lassen sich hervorragend verlegen sind passgenau und wiederstandsfähig

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