5-ply-kitchen countertop "Guangzhou" 3 meter

Crownbamboo solid panel is a visually appealing board product that consists of multiple layers of bamboo, available in multiple variations with respect to size, thickness, configuration, style and colour. These bamboo panels are especially interesting in those applications where the side of the panel remains visible, such as steps of a staircase, furniture and kitchen work tops

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Data sheet
  • Attention: before pressing the panels both glue surfaces have to be sanded to create an optimal adhesion between the panels. This is especially important for cold pressing where multiple panels are piled and pressed at the same time.
  • Advised room conditions: temperature approx. 20°C. Air humidity 50-65%.
  • The solid panels always have one exposed side and one backside. The backside generally contains more color variation than the exposed side.
  • The inner layers of solid panels consist of multiple, separated segments, which can lead to some small voids in these layers.

These voids have to be filled when finishing the panel. This is done to optimize the stability of the panels. The middle layers of the 3 and 4 meter panels can contain segments which have been connected by finger joints.


     1-CAD drawing for 5-layer bamboo solid-panels 90 ° locked in horizontal and vertical  06-pictogram for CO² neutral, E1 standard and Dn-s1 difficult to ignite06-pictogram for FSC certified

3-ply vertical          5-ply horizontal          5-ply vertical

5-ply horizontal

Data sheet
Brinell hardnessca 4.0 N / mm2
Shrink and swelling0,14% per 1% change in moisture content
Moisture content10% at 20 C and 65% rel. Humidity; 8% at 20 C and 50% rel. humidity
Gross density Bamboo700 kg /m3 for bamboo
Fire resistanceEN 13501-1: D-s1 bei 40 mm
Emission Formaldehyde0.01 mg/m3 (E1 Norm: max. 0.124 mg/m3)
Durability & strengthClass 5 (EN 350)
Modulus of Elasticityca. 4300 N / mm² bei 40 mm
GluingD3 Waterproof

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 on 2014-10-28Die gelieferten 3 Küchenarbeitsplatten waren in sehr guter Qualität und super gut verpackt.
 on 2014-11-17Sehr gute Qualität und Verarbeitung mit prof. Service, kann ich nur empfehlen.
 on 2015-01-24Tolle Qualität, die Oberfläche war super einheitlich in der Farbe und ohne sichtbare zwischenräume in der Stäbchenverleimung, vielen Dank Crownbamboo Team für die eingehende Beratung der Endversiegelung
 on 2015-02-01sehr gute qualität und verarbeitung, die A und B Seiten war gut geschliffen, jedoch wäre es mehr als wünschenswert, die 4 meter lange Platte ebenfalls in 700 mm oder zumindest in 650 mm Breite/ Tiefe zu bekommen, vielen Dank wäre schön in Zukunft auch breitete normgerechte Platten zu bekommen.
Hans Peter K. on 2014-10-09Sehr gute Ware, sauber und gut verarbeitet,viele Grüsse aus Zürich Hans Peter Kobi