What is "CoBam"?

"CoBam" (Composite Bamboo) is a novel bamboo material.
Under CoBam we call our bamboo decking, as well as our bamboo woven parquet.

This long bamboo strips are glued with about 4% of glue under high pressure of up to 4000 t. This is achieved there is no duplication of hardness (Brinell 9.5 kg / mm) and a higher density of 1.200 kg / cm and the other a wood like appearance without the eye-catching bamboo nodes.
As the company commissioned by Crownbamboo work with warm or hot pressing one, there is also no delamination problems. The CoBam soils could therefore be used as a decking very good if - the floors are adequately maintained - as with other bamboo outdoor decking also. Because the protein and starch fractions in grass lead as with conventional wood species to changes in color.

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