A locked gluing is simply more solid……..

or : why CROWNBAMBOO® floorings?

CROWNBAMBOO parquet has been optimised in about 1 year development for the German and European market. Our product has no chamfers (rounded edges) as it often can be found at bamboo parquet. The fitting exactness has been optimised and permanent quality controls before, during and after the processing guaranty a constant quality. Additional we have the locked gluing – the very form stable product bamboo parquet receives that way an extra stability.

The precise „Pre-Finish“, so the very good surface, allows it at ideal case to lay our   CROWNBAMBOO®– parquet with a minimum of grinding. You decide by yourself, which materials finally are used. Choose from our collection of tested waterborne coatings or natural oils and adhesives.

So as producer and importer we reach with our experts a constant quality, which surely will satisfy you.

„Locked is simply more solid...“

  • Completely innovative design in colour as they are entirely trendy.

  • Harder as Oak, Brinell hardness: 4,0 by 10% wood moisture

  • The abrasion resistance is comparable with oak or beech.

  • The gross density (an important characteristic value for the strength) is e.g. surpassed by oak.

  • At gradual long term change of the room climate the dimensions of CROWNBAMBOO®– parquet change only 1/3 as much as at not locked parquet and even 50% less than at a traditional parquet of oak.

  • Keen stamina and great form-stability.

  • CROWNBAMBOO®–parquet reacts on Short-term climate variations lazier than the comparative species beech and oak.

  • Bamboo generally keeps its original colour longer than other kind of woods. (Numerous Tests in UV-laboratories resulted in this).

  • Installation full planed glued or screwed.

  • For a swimming installation use please our bamboo parquet extra large. (CROWNBAMBOO® solid wide).

  • Thickness: 15mm solid, 3-layer glued,
  • New: 10mm, small installation height, 4 mm using layer, easy and quick installation, very exact fitting. Ideal for renovations and modernising of older buildings as well in case which require a small height of flooring.

  • Bamboo includes on any tannic or resins

  • Small shrinkage and swelling dimensions.

  • Bamboo – the quickly growing plant of the world. (Some species of the bamboo are growing up to one meter a day).

  • No destructive exploitation of resources.

  • Bamboo is a grass. The first hardwood pavement of the world, for which not one single tree has to be felled. After only five years the bamboo log is matured and can be used for production.

A reforestation, of the Chinese government rented bamboo forest, is for us a matter of course to protect the environment and to ensure a constant quality.