Warrenty for Crownbamboo deckings "ComBam"

10 year warranty for CoBam outdorr deckings

Crownbamboo Int’l. guarantees the construction and the glueing of the Bamboo “ComBam” outdoor boards for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase in accordance with the following provisions.

  • This warranty does not cover damage caused by misuse, accidents, insect infestation, force majeure and damage caused by other, in normal residential unusual, circumstances.

  • Also not covered are purely visual impairments such as imprints, joints, discoloration by light, seasonal climaterelated deformation or wear of the surface coating. Damage resulting from improper installation, maintenance, cleaning or maintenance of the surface coating, mechanical or chemical damage are also excluded from this warranty.
  • This warranty statement supersedes all previous statements; the granting of the manufacturer’s warranty applies only to the current version.


  • The Bamboo ComBam outdoor board is a natural forest product, which varies in colour, grain and appearance. Colour changes over time depending on the maintenance schedule. Colour change can not be a reason to make a claim.
  • Cracks on the surface and on the end of the boards can arise from the different drying characteristics of the surface and cross cut ends. This phenomenon is normal for most wood species and can not be a reason to make a claim.
  • The surface sides of the boards will get rougher and will splinter over time as a result of constant shrink and swell of the boards due to dry and wet climate periods. This phenomenon is normal for most wood species and cannot be a reason to make a claim.
  • Dimensional change or cupping of the boards can occur after installation. This phenomenon is normal for most wood species and cannot be a reason to make a claim.
  • The guarantee extends to "A" -grade products only.
  • The guarantee applies only to the original purchaser and cannot be transferred

Warranty conditions

  • To be able to make use of the warranty the decking must be installed according to the installation instructions. Please read our installation instructions carefully, before installing the floor. No claims can be accepted in case of improper installation!


  • This warranty applies in addition to the normal legal rights of the buyer, including the rights of the buyer against the seller.
  • If a claim is granted before installing the material, faulty planks are replaced free of charge. No claims can be accepted after installing the material if the buyer could have detected the defects before installation. This warranty does not cover damage that was caused by third parties (eg transport damage).
  • If defects occur after installation, Crownbamboo International reserves the right to either repair the defect or to offer material free of charge to the buyer.
  • If the defective product is no longer in the product range, an equivalent from the current range will be supplied.
  • A claim does not lead to an extension of the warranty period.
  • The cost for the replacement of material and other charges are not included in the warranty.

Settlement of the Guarantee

  • The claim must be made in writing, within 30 days, directly to Crownbamboo Int’l. Online Shop, Schumacherring 39, D-87437 Kempten / Germany

Crownbamboo Int’l. reserves the right to check the claimed damage, after appointment, on site.