Company information,

CROWNBAMBOO  was founded in Hong Kong in 1988 and ever since has specialised in the development of innovative, future orientated products made from bamboo, a material which grows and reproduces very quickly.

Crownbamboo factorie  Crownbamboo metal fabrication


When Hong Kong was returned to the People's Republic of China on 1st July 1997 at the end of England's colonial rule we moved the compan's headquarters to England and started operations in Europe under the name Crownswift Ltd.

We continued operations in China, and in 1994 we opend our first two manufacturing halls for the production of bamboo products in Anhui Province. The factory now has 4 halls with an area of approximatly 18.000 square meters and employs 170 people.

We are able to guarantee consistent quality through constant inspections during production in addition to a comprehensive final inspection.

Crownbamboo CNC machining center BAZ 32  Buettering profilomat


We can offer our customers the very best in German know how and a first class quality product which does not jeopardise either the environment or people.

We are supported in work by the most up to date machines from HOMAG, BÜTTFERING, ERNST, BÜRKLE, HÖCHSMANN and a HOMAG CNC-BAZ 32 production centre.

Our bamboo products palette includes not only bamboo parquet flooring, work and joinery panels as well as bamboo veneers from 0,3 to 0,8 mm thick with or without fleece.

Crownbamboo show room1  Bamboo flooring by an privat client


Bamboo panels for furniture and stairways are available in D3 / D4 or in high quality PUR adhesive with thicknesses ranging from 1 to 80 mm.

Bamboo floorboards (deckings) for the garden, patio, balcony or for outdoor areas are imported from a trusted partner company.

Over almost 20 Years we have collected such a wide range of experience that we are confident of being able to fulfil the demands of even the most challenging of requirements.

production of bamboo automotive interior  Mercedes interior stencils


We have created an additional area of activity concerned with the production of supply of car interiors, which currently employs a staff of 75.

It is no surprise that Crownbamboo has now been meeting the demands of the automotive industry for over 10 years.

BAMBOO, products are even available as sports equipment including skis snowboards, kickboards and surfboards.

As part of a restructuring programme, we intend to merge all these companies into the holding of CROWNBAMBOO International.

The franchise system guarantees an independent distribution network in every country with fast delivery to the customer as well as a low cost factory sale for dealers, builders and end customers.