bamboo veneer 2500 x 430 x 0,6 mm

Bamboo veneer is available in various sizes, colours and styles and can be supplied with formaldehyde free adhesive (E0 norm) and FSC®-certification. Bamboo veneer is mainly offered in A-selection (regular in colour) and can be processed with a minimum of cutting and selection waste.

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Bamboo veneer is a high quality veneer, which is created by slicing sheets from laminated blocks made from bamboo strips. To avoid cracks during handling, the bamboo veneer is backed with a thin, but strong cellulose fleece. This facilitates easy pressing of the veneer sheets on a panel, which enables the use in multiple applications in the building and interior design industry.


bamboo veneer normally is pressed, double sided, on panels (like chipboard, multiplex or MDF). The backing is a cellulose fleece which is bonded with D3 water-resistant PVAC glue. The cellulose backing can endure shortly temperatures above 220 degrees Celsius, for example when splicing the sheets. When pressed under high pressure and high temperature a considerable cooling time should be taken into account before stacking the cooled (max. 60¨C) panels. To press the backed bamboo veneer Crownbamboo advises to carry out a glue test first, to determine the exact pressing time, temperature and pressure. The standard thickness of the veneer is 0,6mm: 0,5mm bamboo and 0,1mm backing material. In case the veneer gets sanded, the end-thickness should be minimum 0,2mm.

 CAD drawing for bamboo veneer, horizontal and verticalpictogram for E0 standard, CO² neutral, E1 standard as well the Logo for FSC certified

Data sheet
Moisture content10% at 20 C and 65% rel. Humidity; 8% at 20 C and 50% rel. humidity
Gross density Bamboo700 kg /m3 for bamboo
Emission FormaldehydeClass E1 (0,100 ppm) / Klasse E0 (0,020 ppm) 4) (ASTM E 1333-96)
Durability & strengthClass 5 (EN 350)
Use ClassClass 1 (EN 335)
GluingD3 Waterproof
Fleece backingWater resistant cellulose fleece 30 gr. / m²