Bamboo Decking "Cobam" 2500 x 200 x 20 mm

ComBam Deckings a solid, high density bamboo board, made from compressed bamboo strips. Bamboo ComBam is suitable for outdoor applications, especially as decking. A special, patented heat treatment process provides Bamboo cobam the highest durability class possible in the appropriate EU norms and increases the density making it very hard

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The special symmetrical shape of the sides offers the possibility to choose between either the ribbed or the flat surface, and allows for quick installation with inox fasteners. Like any untreated tropical hardwood species, when exposed to outdoor circumstances, Bamboo ComBam will turn grey over time creating a very natural look.

BAMBOO - DECKING's  "Combam"

03-CAD drawing profile on bamboo decking03-CAD drawing on bamboo decking head tongue and groove for continuous installation

          03-Logo of the FSC certification        03-Logo eph, development and testing laboratory for wood technology          03-piktogram for Bn s1 / E1 standart / CO² neutral / classe classe 1 and 4, and with 10 year warranty

Data sheet
Brinell hardness9.5 kg/mm² EN-1534
Gross density Bamboo1,200 kg/cm³
Durability & strength(EN 338): D50
Use Classtested according to EN 113 / EN 350-1
Surfaces fungal resistanceClass 0 gemäß EN152
Modulus of Elasticity(EN408): 10737 N / mm²
Breaking strength(EN408): 50,30 N / mm²