Woven Top Click floor "Anhui"

Woven Top Kick parquet is a 3 ply bamboo flooring with a 2.5 mm thick layer of combam, pressed on a HDF carrier material and a softwood return. With this structure in connection with the Uniclic system that bamboo flooring is easy to install.

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Data sheet

installation summary (full version available on www.crownbamboo.eu)

• Check room climate conditions (room temp. 18-20°C, air humidity 50-65%).

• Check subfloor: this should be flat/clean/stable and should not exceed the maximum allowed moisture content (for example 1.8% for sand cement).

• The floor should be installed floating (max width 7m, max length 12m, using expansion gaps) but can also be fully glued to the subfloor (for glue details see full version of installation instruction).

• If your bamboo engineered boardis equipped with a click system, you can install the floor without using glue.

• This floor type can be installed – under certain conditions – on warm water floor heating. See “Crownbamboo flooring and floor heating“.

• After installation: make sure proper cleaning and maintenance is done, fitting to the chosen finish.


CAD drawing for top-clicking parquet-woven  pictogram for woven-top-click parquet

Data sheet
Brinell hardness≥ 4 kg/mm² (SP/PP), ≥ 9,5 kg/mm² (EN 1534)
Shrink and swelling0,14% per 1% change in moisture content
Moisture content10% at 20 C and 65% rel. Humidity; 8% at 20 C and 50% rel. humidity
Gross density Bamboo+/- 700 kg/m³ (SP/PP), +/- 1050 kg/m³
Fire resistanceClass Cfl-s1 (EN 13501-1)
thermal conductivity0,17 W/mK (SP/PP), 0,18 W/mK (CB) (EN 12667)
Thermal resistance0,0591 m2K/W (SP/PP), 0,0542 m2K/W (CB) (EN 12667)
Emission Formaldehyde0.01 mg/m3 (E1 Norm: max. 0.124 mg/m3)
Durability & strengthClass 5 (EN 350)
Use ClassClass 1 (EN 335)
Modulus of ElasticityUSRV 31 (Glatt) / USRV 28 (Geburstet) (CEN/TS 15676)